learn about KNARLI by Jody Lee


learn about KNARLI by Jody Lee


I am a freelance knitwear designer, product developer, and consultant. I first started working with knit fabrics decade ago when I was in high school. I got my BFA and AAS from FIT in New York and my MA from Nottingham Trent in England. After developing the KNARLI brand for a few years while studying and freelancing, I officially incorporated it as an LLC in 2020. 

why are you interested in sustainability?

I am very passionate about fashion knitwear, but I feel ashamed that apparel and textile manufacturing are such polluting industries. My interest began with seeing too much cut waste first-hand in the design studios and factories, before realizing that the problem reaches beyond waste in areas such as carbon emissions, human labor rights violations, and chemical processes. 

I absolutely love the challenge that comes with sustainability and I am determined to discover unorthodox solutions to break the status quo.

Everyone assumes that the wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented, until you realize that all the materials and processes that go into wheel are highly problematic… and that both the wheel and supply chain do actually need to be reinvented. 

what drew you to apply to our design challenge?

I’ve had my eye on Ambercycle for a few years and was excited to hear about this opportunity to work with their new regenerated cycora™ yarn. The design challenge was perfectly in line with my goals as a brand, as I always develop products starting with raw materials with the goal of minimizing waste using unique knitting technology, such as Shima Seiki’s WholeGarment 3D-knitting machines. I’m excited for this chance for KNARLI to collaborate with Ambercyle since our company values and mission are in line with each other.

what message do you hope to get across through your design?

I want to break any aesthetic stereotypes that many people assume with eco-friendly labels. My vision for fashion’s future is that the norm will be for all labels to be constantly conscious of sustainable practices while carrying their own unique brand DNA. I hope that KNARLI will be able to set an example for other labels.  

coming soon

collection one

the first cycora™ collection available for purchase is available for preorder May 18th. limited quantities available.