our design journey

collection one hangtag

no ink

our hangtag uses no ink, staying true to the parameters of the collection one design challenge. we use debossing for the text and wordmark.

vintage molecules

cycora™ is vintage molecules: they all come with a rich history of their past lives and experiences. as we make cycora™, and more people use it and wear it, we learn to celebrate the molecules of the past in new ways today.

monomaterial string

the string is 100% polyester.

our goal for collection one was to create garments that highlight material purity. the hangtag for this project had to seamlessly align with the larger vision for collection one, something that took a couple of tries to get right.

we wanted our brand values to come across through the hangtag design. the design process started with a lot of ideas and concepts, like making the hangtag a swatch, a coaster, or a unique puzzle piece. you can see some of our initial designs below.

in the end, we settled on an inkless, single-material hangtag, which we feel does way more with way less.

cycora™ brand values





our initial designs

it took us a few iterations to get to our final design