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Chris Holland Brandt: Support Circular Fashion

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Our paths crossed with Chris Holland Brandt at a cycora® materials undesigning event focused on reimagining textile recycling. As LA-based creators shared their visions for fashion’s circular future, Chris’ thoughtful perspective on mindful design resonated with our mission. His collections prove today’s trends can be fleeting—quality and versatility are the threads that last.

And those threads can be made to become continuous.

“Thoughtful design for me means using what we have available. I avoid new materials at all costs. But with technologies like cycora that enable circularity, I can employ new textiles with far lower impact.” –Chris Holland Brandt

When seeking materials aligned with his ethos of longevity, Chris turned to cycora for his latest endeavor: an irreverent oversized tee-dress merging past and future, whimsy and reality. Constructed from cycora’s archive knit fabric, its regenerated essence reflects Chris’ artistic ideal. Thus, Chris diverged from his usual plant-based palettes and repurposed fabrics with cycora.

“A garment should live a full life before being broken down again. Longevity comes first—it’s the initial step in circularity. My goal is creating enduring heirlooms, not fleeting trends.” –Chris Holland Brandt

Cycora’s resilient and novel feel and flexibility opened new creative portals. It became a blank canvas and enabled Chris to utilize something new in his designs without marring his mission to recycle and repurpose what had already been made. Chris envisioned a non-binary garment adaptable across bodies and occasions, channeling a spirit of renewal.

Beyond fabric, Chris integrates sustainability through repurposing and scaling recycled materials. He concludes, “Understanding how to fully reuse what exists now, and what I’ll make in the future, is crucial for ethical production.” This sentiment is the very foundation of the undesigning events where we first met Chris and where we hope his example will continue to reverberate for others. 

For innovations like cycora, Chris sees immense potential to curb textile waste if we can shift societal mindsets. Technologies provide solutions, but conscious consumption and contentment with what we own come from a deeper place. A place that Chris accesses for us all to see and wear.

Chris notes, “A collective restructuring of how we see fashion is needed. There are enough existing materials to clothe humanity for years. With cycora’s closed loops, we can cease extraction and regenerate our planet."

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