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yarn-head tees

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Imagine a world where resources flow cyclically and waste is non-existent. Here, landfills can be converted back into restorative land, and exhausted resources can be reimagined into the raw resources of the future. An essential step towards turning this world into a reality is by creating an intimate understanding of the materials we use.

In our latest cycora.lab capsule collection, we designed graphic tees to reflect our intimate connection with clothing and our desire to keep them in circulation. 

A few months ago, our graphic tee project began when looking through our archived fabric developments at Ambercycle HQ. We designed simple yet structured tees as canvases for a graphic design reflecting our team’s values and mission.

At Ambercycle, we’ve circulated the idea of a ‘yarn-head’ representing a deeper consciousness of our clothing. To be a ‘yarn-head’ represents thinking deeply about where our material comes from and how they are made.  

We believe that each fiber has a story to tell, and we can help write a part of their narratives. Materials with a storied past are more valuable than buying new materials made from extracted oil. It’s our job to think of our clothes as ongoing stories. This way, we can consciously learn about their past, mindfully play a part in their present, and set them on a continuous path for their future.

From the R&D team to the feedstock team to the brand team, we are all united under the same vision to close the loop for textiles. 

Our graphic designer took on the challenge of creating a design that reflects these values in one cohesive look. After a few iterations and a team vote, the yarn-head graphic was born. 

To launch our new tees, our team set up a booth at the Rose Bowl Flea Market – a place where textiles are naturally given extended lives. Our cycora garments are made out of vintage molecules (that, like pre-owned clothing, have a storied past). Our thought process was simple,  what better way to launch clothing made out of vintage molecules than at a market for vintage clothes? We had the opportunity to connect with shoppers and vendors about the importance of circularity and how we can all participate in building the future we want to see. Finding solutions to lengthen the lifespan of materials is an integral part of circular design, and the Rose Bowl Flea Market provides a space for people to pursue this mission. As we continue our journey towards building that world of circularity and regeneration, we are excited to foster our growing community of fellow ‘yarn-heads’. 

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