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Erika Maish: Swelter

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"Materials come ingrained with past lives that inform how you interpret them in the present," Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary artist Erika Maish explained. Inspired by the surreal world-building of J.G. Ballard's novel, Vermilion Sands, Maish's latest collection, "Swelter," explores the distorted sensory experience of desert heat through striking textures and colors. The centerpiece of this new collection debuted at CDMX Art Week 2024: a sweeping black gown crafted from regenerated cycora® material. Elegant yet whimsical, the dress flows with movement mirroring nature, and is punctuated by pops of color from Maish’s own jewelry collection.

"I hope, through these processes, that it changes people's perceptions on how we think about desirability and value," Maish said. 

Erika Maish has made a name for herself by weaving sustainability into her boldly imaginative artistic practices. Her mixed media work breathes new life into traditionally unwanted materials—from old bottle caps and discarded chairs to car massage beads. For her latest creation, Maish collaborated with cycora to showcase the beauty and performance of the regenerated fabric made from end-of-life clothing.

"Telling stories through our clothing is a beautiful way to connect people with regenerative materials like cycora," says Maish. "It enables designers to create bold, expressive pieces that are still part of a circular ecosystem."

By using the circular jersey fabric, Maish was able to create a premium garment while remaining true to her ethos and cycora’s mission: imbuing artifacts of the past with new stories to extend their longevity. Designing with cycora regenerated fabric allowed Maish’s artistic vision to take shape without compromising quality or design.

Maish's "Swelter" collection is an evocative example of how recycled and regenerated materials can be transformed into avant-garde fashion statements that speak louder than words. By partnering with innovative brands like cycora, artists and designers can merge sustainability with creativity to reshape how we think about texture, form, and the potential of regeneration within a new, circular ecosystem. 

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