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experiment_001: twill jacket

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In a world increasingly disconnected from the natural rhythms that sustain us, cycora.lab exists to rekindle the vital bond between us and our planet. Our first experiment, experiment 001: the Twill Jacket, is more than just a garment—it's a testament to the transformative potential of biomimicry.

The Twill Jacket is designed to evolve and endure alongside you, and to get better with every wear. Crafted from meticulously reclaimed materials, thanks to our revolutionary molecular regeneration process, this jacket embodies circularity and directly challenges the linear "take-make-waste" model that has long dominated the fashion industry.

Functionality is at the heart of our Twill Jacket's design. Like the resilient roots of a towering tree, this jacket is built to withstand and adapt to your life's unique ebbs and flows. 

Its "bark" colorway seamlessly blends with the natural environment and stands out amid the concrete jungles all at once. 

While the unique texture echoes the organic patterns carved by wind, water and time, every thread, every stitch, is a celebration of our natural world. 

Because it’s made of regenerated mono-material and stitched with minimal trims, the Twill Jacket is made to re-enter the regeneration cycle seamlessly when its journey eventually concludes. 

The Twill Jacket reminds us of our place among nature's circular symphony. As its tag reads, the Twill Jacket is “powered by molecular regeneration to exist in the past, present and future” to embrace a better way forward and rewrite the narrative of fashion—001 experiment at a time.

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