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Justin Mensinger

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Justin Mensinger, the Chicago upcycle designer, partnered with cycora® for a limited edition capsule collection highlighting the importance of recycling textiles. Before starting his incredible career in design Justin worked at Goodwill, where he learned about the large amounts of unsold textiles that baled and ship out. Seeing this dilemma inspired Justin to think about how he could contribute to finding value from end-of-life textiles.

Justin's design process revolves around the idea of making something new and beautiful from what already exists. His intricate patchwork designs, made from different unsold or second hand garments caught the attention of many, eventually leading him to win HBO Max streetwear competition The Hype. Justin's core alignment with our mission made this collaboration a no brainer, and we were eager to make something amazing together. 

leading question

what if we could give upcycle designers the opportunity to create from scratch while still utilizing second-hand materials? 


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