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Regenerative Dinner

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As we gathered for our latest community dinner event, we reflected on the meal in front of us and the connections being made all around us. The evening, at its heart, was a celebration of the regenerative power of community.

Our ethos for the dinner

Just as nature renews itself through cycles, and cycora® is made from renewed clothing, we can regenerate our connections, our environment, and our future through community.  

Imān Benét, known for her series of philanthropic events called Ritual Dinners, brought more than food to our table. Her food facilitated shifting feelings and innovative mindsets. The harmony between fresh produce, storytelling, and the delicious flavors crafted an invaluable regenerative dining experience for us. 

In attendance at the dinner, we shared a meal and conversation with artists, designers, farmers, and entrepreneurs, who each brought a unique perspective for regeneration to our conversation. Our worldviews created a distinct kaleidoscope of ideas and solutions, and all of it was on full display as we dined together.

Join us for our next community dinner and experience the joy of good food, shared stories, and the vibrant energy of a community dedicated to building a better future. Look for updates about future community dinners here and on our Instagram

A special thanks to Imān Benét, Compton Community Garden, and Navel LA 

Photos by: William Portman & Carly Hildebrant

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