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While Fashion Week is often a place for product showcases, in 2022 BESTSELLER initiated a meaningful competition at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The event centered around circular design strategy amongst their brands. Excited to push the learnings around circularity, our team joined forces with BESTSELLER, offering an exciting prize to the first-place winner – a trophy showcasing our regenerated cycora® fabric. The trophy included a 5 x 7 inch cycora® swatch representing the foundation for a new capsule product made with cycora® regenerated materials.

The SELECTED brand, well known for spearheading circular initiatives, won first place in the competition and took up the challenge of designing an extraordinary product that transcends beauty farther from what’s on the surface. The result is the cycora® maxi dress, available exclusively in Denmark. 

The statement summer piece offers a charming tie-dye print and stylish halter neck. Crafted from light and flowy cycora® fabric, the dress provides a unique and comfortable experience, making it the perfect choice for summer. In harmony with the stunning design, our cycora® material elevates the dress to a higher plane of significance. The fabric is made from textiles that were bound for landfills and instead regenerated into something of greater value.

Louise Lund, the Director of Sustainability at SELECTED, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating,

“cycora® material is a truly remarkable innovation. It solves a worldwide waste issue by preventing used clothes from ending in landfills and bringing them into a circular system. This will be key in the future of fashion, and we are proud to be one of the first brands to bring this solution to the European market and make it available to shoppers.”

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