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TOMBOGO: The Future is Bright

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Paris Fashion Week is the ultimate runway where tireless hours of design, inspiration, and iteration are debuted in their final, fully packaged form. What the world sees is an end product, a beautiful garment that determines global trends and patterns. But at an event that focuses so much on the final design of the garment, we challenge ourselves to tell a more holistic story around how our garments are made, where they came from, and what their impact is on our planet. Through the TOMBOGO x cycora® collaboration, we tell a deeper narrative of how circularity can be interwoven with high fashion. 

Design often starts with a blank canvas. Artists use their imagination and talents to transform materials into art pieces that captivate and inspire. cycora serves as a new type of circular ‘blank canvas’, a material that unlocks sustainability for designers looking to have a better impact on our earth. This regenerated material enables new sustainable options for the fashion industry, allowing for the blend of artistic vision with environmental consciousness.

The TOMBOGO™ x cycora® collaboration re-envisions purposeful design. The collection was inspired by the initial visit by Tommy Bogo, creator, and designer of TOMBOGO™, to the laboratory and warehouses where cycora® was innovated. Based in Los Angeles, we came together to think about what the future of fashion will look like when we use more innovative materials that aren’t made through extractive means. 

Tommy was particularly inspired by the warehouse setting. Clothing that was once destined for LA landfills are held here to undergo a magical transformation into their new regenerated cycora® form.

"I love how cycora® is illustrating the process of creating textiles and creating an art form out of that in and of itself”

The resulting collection takes on a modular jumpsuit, jacket, and shorts, all reminiscent of the workwear aesthetic found within the warehouse. The jumpsuit has multi-use, dividing its form into a top and bottom, with short sleeves and zip-off pants. The jacket similarly, can transform into a vest and has a detachable backpack. Their versatile design sends a powerful message—that clothing can serve more than one purpose, and within that multifunctionality lies the potential for greater use with fewer resources.

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