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Zara Athleticz: Circularity Meets Performance

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Our collaborative story with Zara started over a year ago when our teams came together to build a united vision around two main questions:  How can we weave circularity into the future of fashion, and how do we bring meaningful impact at a larger scale? Through heartfelt conversations and meaningful brainstorming sessions, our teams began an unprecedented partnership that focuses on improving humanity’s relationship with the materials they wear and bringing sustainability to fashion without compromising performance or style. 


take a deeper look at the Zara Athleticz x cycora® collection, now available on


The Zara Athleticz x cycora® collection features technical pieces crafted with up to 50% cycora® content. This collection exemplifies the intersection of circularity and performance – where innovative materials can create highly functional and stylish products while leaving a lower environmental impact. This collection is just the beginning of a much larger partnership, where together, we can make a large-scale impact with cycora® materials

We are thrilled that our partnership with INDITEX,  Zara's parent company, transcends beyond a singular collection, but the promise of a journey towards circularity. Through cycora® materials, we support Inditex’s aim to make 100% of its textile products exclusively from lower-footprint materials by 2030. Together, we’ve brought to life an inspired collection of pieces and a multi-year commitment to replace significant portions of conventional polyester with cycora® material. While impact cannot be measured in a single number, the commitment will be valued at over 70 million euros – a value that will help scale up the accessibility of cycora® materials to the world. 

learn more about our partnership 


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